Advocaat in Advisering en Geschillenbeslechting


WestLegal can assist you in all aspects relating to contract law, liability law, corporate law and litigation. This includes the following subjects:

Contract law

  • Advising on the content and validity of contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Demanding performance/payment under contracts and creditmanagement
  • Drafting and reviewing terms and conditions


  • Damages
  • Non performance of contracts
  • Damages relating to undue payments, unjust enrichment and tort
  • Liability of directors, officers and shareholders
  • Risk liability under the law
  • Fraud


  • Responsibilities and liabilities of directors, supervisory board members and shareholders
  • Mediation in disputes between shareholders/partners
  • Corporate governance
  • Preparation and review of shareholder agreements, share purchase agreements and management agreements
  • Due diligence


  • Determining a legal position in a dispute
  • Conducting (collection) proceedings on contract law, (director’s) liabilities and corporate law
  • Levying of attachments and advising on attachments
  • Conducting proceedings relating to attachments
  • Settlements

Disciplinary rules for lawyers

  • Determining strategy and position
  • Conducting disciplinary proceedings

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