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  • Response to Hammerstein, ‘A serious blame’ in Ondernemingsrecht 2021/62, Ondernemingsrecht 2021/113
  • Serious blame revisited with the new Act on the control and supervision of legal entities 2020 and the evaluation of the Act control and supervision 2011, MvO 2021/3
  • A social responsibility for corporations and (scared) directors or Covid-19 science in crisis? About and Unilever…, Ondernemingsrecht 2021/3
  • Selective payments: improper management and tort or not? Supreme Court 12 April 2019, ECLI:NL:HR:2019:576 and Supreme Court 17 January 2020, ECLI:NL:HR:2020:73 and some theoretical and practical considerations, Tijdschrift voor Vennootschapsrecht, rechtspersonenrecht en ondernemingsbestuur 2020/2, p. 61-70.
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  • Directors’ liability and internetcrime at the movies, MvO 2019/3.4
  • Response to bookreview on the Theory of directors’ liability, MvV 2019/3
  • Comment on Court of Appeals Amsterdam, 18 December 2018, ECLI:NL:GHAMS:2018:4798 (directors’ liability at foundations), JOR 2019/55
  • The trustoffice as a director and ‘changing course’ on directors’ liability law, O&F 2018/3, p. 14-32
  • Comment on District Court of Rotterdam, 9 August 2017 ECLI:NL:RBROT:2017:6614 (directors’ liability at foundations), JOR 2018/89
  • Reaction on ‘What does the Attorney-general want?’ About a pragmatic approach of corporate law, a reticent test by courts and connectiting to the economic reality, WPNR 2018/7189
  • The safeguard function of the law on legal entities. About the trustee function of first and second degree directors and their (apparent) different positions after the case of Le Roux Fruit Exporters, MvO 2018/3-4
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  • 88 years of case law on directors liability towards third parties (‘Metaalmoeheid na 88 jaar jurisprudentie over ‘externe’ bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid en Spaanse Villa, het is tijd voor herbezinning: laat de ernstig verwijt maatstaf los’), Ondernemingsrecht 2015/69
  • Comment on Judgement of the Court of appeal of ‘s-Hertogenbosch 12 August 2014 relating to directors liability towards third parties (‘Annotatie bij Hof ‘s-Hertogenbosch 12 augustus 2014 (externe bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid)’), JOR 2015/2
  • A close look at the factual director (‘De Beleidsbepaler onder de loep genomen’), Ondernemingsrecht 2014/119
  • The notification of not appearing in court as a result of the Bill of Court fees in Civil Cases (‘De verstekaanzegging in kort geding naar aanleiding van de Wet Griffierechten in Burgerlijke zaken’), TCR 2011/2, p.72
  • Postscript in the Magazine for Lawyers (Advocatenblad) in relation to the Bill of Court fees in Civil Cases (‘Aanvulling Wet Griffierechten in Burgerlijke zaken’), Advocatenblad 2011/3
  • Comment on Judgement of the Courts of appeal of Amsterdam 30 May 2011 (Enterprise Chamber) relating to corporate enquiry proceedings in Health Organisation Meavita (‘Annotatie Hof Amsterdam (OK) 30 mei 2011’), GJ 2011/124
  • The advise of the Social Economic Counsel and developments in enquiry law (‘Het SER-advies en de ontwikkelingen in het enquêterecht’), Ondernemingsrecht 2008/65
  • Cost of enquiry proceedings are not an estate debt (‘Kosten van een enquête geen boedelschuld’), V&O 2005/7 p.133

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