Advocaat in Advisering en Geschillenbeslechting



WestLegal specializes in contract law, (directors) liability law, corporate law and litigation (see also specialisations).


WestLegal acts for businesses and for individuals but is also available as an interim lawyer or interim legal counsel.

Client relationship

WestLegal strives for a lasting relationship with the client, simple because this works. Familiarity with one another’s organization, method and vision ensures an efficient proactive and swift collaboration.


The legal issues that come your way may be versatile. WestLegal therefore has an extensive network of lawyers, notaries and tax advisors, which can be used in consultation with you for fields of law that go beyond the area covered by WestLegal. This way WestLegal guarantees that you are always sure of an excellent advice.


WestLegal likes to make clear arrangements with you in relation to the expected costs so you know where you stand. WestLegal in principle works on the basis of hourly rates. Of course, it is also possible to make arrangements for fixed fees in relation to certain services provide for by WestLegal.


In today’s digital era paper is not always necessary. WestLegal makes use of digital communications as much as possible and it therefore in principle provides information, advice, statements and other information digitally.

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