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WestLegal Complaints Procedure

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This office complaints procedure is applicable to any contract between WestLegal Advocatuur (WestLegal) and the client and any service provided or work conducted by WestLegal. WestLegal handles complaints as described in this complaint procedure. The complaints procedure is also applicable to the lawyers that work under the responsibility of WestLegal.

The purpose of the complaints procedure is to maintain and improve existing relationships by a good, constructive complaints handling including a handling within a reasonable time and to improve the quality of the services provided by analysing (causes) of complaints.

A complaint is any written expression of dissatisfaction by or on behalf of the client against the lawyer or persons working on under the responsibility of the lawyer relating to the creation and the performance under the contract for professional services, the quality of the services provided or the amount of the invoice, not being a complaint referred to in paragraph 4 of the Act of Lawyers (Advocatenwet).

If a client submits a complaint to WestLegal, the complaint will be directed to mr. W. A. Westenbroek, acting as the complaints officer. In first instance the client and WestLegal shall seek to come to a suitable solution.

The complaint will be processed within four weeks of receiving the complaint or the complainant will be informed of a different period, indicating the deadline of an opinion on the complaint.

The complaints officer is responsible for the timely handling of the complaint. The complaints officer keeps the complainant informed about the handling of the complaint and he maintains a file relating to the complaint.

If the complaint has been satisfactorily dealt with, a document will be drawn up which addresses the merits of the complaint and the solution of the complaint. If not, the complainant receives a document stating what the outcome is of the handling of the complaint. If the complaints have not satisfactorily been resolved, the complaints can be submitted to the court in Amsterdam.

The complaints officer shall handle the complaints in secrecy.

The complainant does not owe any compensation for the handling of the complaint by the complaints officer.

The complaints officer registers all complaints and regularly compiles a report on the handling of complaints in order to improve existing procedure and working methods and to prevent new complaints.

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